“Charming Bridal Jewelry ”!!!

“Charming Bridal Jewelry ”!!!

Hello “Charming”!!!

Just few days ago we have talked about the perfection as a madness and we again going further with that topic with more example and creativities! Because I love to be perfect and so to be mad or crazy for something. Today we going with bridle jewellery! As before we talked it’s also connected with our traditional attractive wedding designs.

In different culture they have own different choice of ornament like in American country they don’t wearing more like just simple neckless and white dress or more they wear original flower crown and etc. in European, its almost same as American but just little more necklace and bracelet and it’s enough. While in Indian culture and the most there are so many varieties and enjoyment and fun and so many!! 

Here are some specifications for Indian wedding jewellery!!

 1. Choker

It’s a one type of neckless specially for wedding ceremony day and also famous for some different country as well

 2. Rani Har

It’s a royal necklace with long multi-string necklace. And as its normally found in emperor or royal family and queen known as “rani” so it’s called rani har!! also can be weared with choker for more attractiveness.

 3. Satlada

It’s a type of rani har but looks good separately and it’s got a pretty unique look!

Satlada has seven layers of pearls or gem stones, woven or attached. The smaller versions are referred to as Panchlada (five-layered necklace) or teenlada (three-layers).

 4. Navratan

As its name stated its made of seven ratna called gem stones.
it's miles a colourful necklace that has nine distinct valuable and semi-precious gem stones (pearl, emerald, ruby, red coral, yellow sapphire, diamond, blue sapphire, cat’s eye and hessonite)

 5. Gulbandh

It’s the most fundamental style of necklaces – sits just below the collarbone and is the most universally flattering period. It’s additionally referred to as the Princess necklace.

 6. Bib Necklace

A bib necklace is basically shaped much like a toddler’s bib. It’s typically big in length. Brides who need to make a announcement with their jewellery pick this necklace style.

 7. Aadh Necklace

It begins with a choker (typically a block of gold with tooth/Meenakari work at the back) and ends with strings of triangles. The Aadh is a traditional fashion, visible on Rajasthani brides, that covers nearly the whole neckline region. however, it’s not best Rajasthani brides who are wearing this Necklace jewellery now!

8. Collar Necklaces

The Collar Bridal Necklaces are very similar to chokers; however, they lie toward or at the collarbone.(like a real collar!)

9. Guttapusalu

Many actresses layering their wedding ceremony day jewellery with guttapusalu necklaces, this South Indian layout is assured to get popular once more. It’s a raani-haar fashion long necklace made from gold that usually ends with bunches of small pear  s at the fringes, with a splattering of diamonds, rubies and emeralds set inside it.

 Hence everything looks very attractive but as per price sometimes we thought to buy it or not. but here in belachi.in u can buy it at very very reasonable price with very high perfection in design and best quality.

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