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Belachi Limited Edition Unisex Apparel Perfumes Combo

Belachi Limited Edition Unisex Apparel Perfumes Combo

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"No stinking any more !!where ever you go, enjoy flowery everywhere!!!". Enjoy this sensational extraordinary experience that you will be forced to use it again and again. "BELACHI LIMITED EDITION UNISEX APPAREL PERFUMES 5X COMBO" will bring to close you in a veil of luxurious fragrance and caress your senses with a mighty floral soft touch. The luxurious character of this perfumes offers a magical experience for you and the people surrounded by you who will shower you with compliments.
Its "So Good...! Quality Combo" which manifest you with aroma, air freshener, car hanging and travel pack perfumes of male female combo.
Are you in the fresh mood for a few fragrances, want to please your partner or loved one? Mix and match perfumes with this set.

Composition of the fragrance

Travel pack
In the opening, your senses will detect the "floral".
Later comes the slightly "powdery".
The base notes include "musky fresh".

In the opening, your senses will detect the "amber".
Later comes the slightly "citrus".
The base notes include "spicy".

Air freshener
Orchid - 50ml:
Refresh and rejuvenate your room with orchid room spray. The strong and sweet scent of orchid pierces the nose, creating a romantic and sensual mood. Create a lasting scent instantly for guests or use daily to remove odors and refresh your home.

Rose -5ml:
Aromatic rose oil soothes and harmonizes the mind and good skin astringent. Helping to relieves anxiety, mental fatigue, and premenstrual tension. Aromatic rose oil helps to rejuvenate tired muscles.

Car air freshener
Car hanging air fresheners help neutralize odors to vanish unpleasant odors. A tidy, aesthetically designed package for easy hanging.

No Gas Formulation

*Caution :
Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool and dry place.
Away from heat and sunlight. Harmful if ingested. Extremely Flammable.
*For External Use Only*.


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Customer Reviews

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"Awesome Gift"

"Superrb Product"

thank you so much.

Inexpensive yet Premium!!

In case you too are looking for an inexpensive yet long lastingperfumethen this may be thebestchoice. Ive used multiple brands in the past but was a little skeptical about theirperfumerange, relying on the brand I ordered thisperfume.

your lovely feed back is our royalty. Thank you so much

Best perfume ever.

Bestperfumeever. Classic and standard. Use this for professional events. I recommend thisperfume.

we love feed back thank you so much

It is best perfume in

Good quality

we always love our customer and their important feedback

Perfect fragrance

I bought thisperfumedue to its name and never thought that it would be better in fragrance. But theperfumebottle isbestdesigned and the fragrance is thebestof all myperfumecollection. Superb i must say.

we love feed back thank you so much