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Godfather Apparel Perfume (100ml)

Godfather Apparel Perfume (100ml)

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"You are the GODFATHER!!!!." Enjoy this sensational extraordinary experience that you will be forced to use it again and again. "BELACHI GODFATHER APPAREL PERFUME" will bring to close you in a veil of luxurious fragrance and caress your senses with a mighty floral soft touch. The luxurious character of this perfumes offers a magical experience for you and the people surrounded by you who will shower you with compliments. show your strong attitude personality.
The fragrance is a scent of freedom filled with Devine blessing. The GODFATHER APPAREL PERFUME is scent of Rose Oud, combined with the nuances of white floral attar to create a sweet and warm spicy Fresh odor.
Are you in the fresh mood for a few fragrances, want to be most attentional one? Be the part of Belachi's "GODFATHER" perfume community.

Composition of the fragrance

In the opening, your senses will detect the " Rose and Oud".
Later comes the slightly "sweet and warm spicy".
The base notes include "woody, musky and white floral".


No Gas Formulation

Fragrance Lasting Long after up to one or couple of wash!!

*Caution :
Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool and dry place.
Away from heat and sunlight. Harmful if ingested. Extremely Flammable.
*For External Use Only*.

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Prince Prince
I'm Differently coming back

I'm differently coming back for Godfather to buy it in big Quantity.

always welcome..thanks for yr feedback!!