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Lets treat yourself with richness of prefect redolence!!".  Enjoy this sensational extraordinary experience that you will be forced to use it again and again. "BELACHI LIMITED EDITION AIR FRESHENR COMBO PACK OF FOUR" will bring to close you in a veil of luxurious fragrance and caress your senses with a mighty floral soft touch. The luxurious character of this magical airfreshners offers a magical experience for you and the people surrounded by you who will shower you with compliments.
The fragrance is a scent of freedom filled with wind and water. The Garden, Rose, Aronia and Orchid air fresheners are scent of Lavender and Jasmine, combined with the nuances of Black Pepper aroma and the salty aquatic fragrance to create a stimulating and spicy odour.
Are you in the fresh mood for a few fragrances, want to please your partner or loved one? Mix and match perfumes with this set.

Composition of the fragrance

Garden - 50ml:
In the opening, your senses will detect the "Sweet and White Floral".
Later comes the slightly "Herbal and Tropical spicy".
The base notes include "Sandalwood and Woody".

Rose - 50ml:
In the opening, your senses will detect the "Lemonade, Clary sage and Bergamot ".
Later comes the slightly "Cassia, Geranium, Pink pepper".
The base notes include "Sandalwood, Patchouli, Vetiver".

Aronia - 50ml:
In the opening, your senses will detect the "Citrus".
Later comes the slightly "Fougere".
The base notes include "Amber".

Orchid - 50ml:
In the opening, your senses will detect the "Bergamot and Canberry".
Later comes the slightly "Peony, Heliotrope and Cupcake".
The base notes include "Vanila, White Musk and Cotton Candy".

No Gas Formulation

*Caution :
Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool and dry place.
Away from heat and sunlight. Harmful if ingested. Extremely Flammable.
*For External Use Only*.

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